The Avengers - 1/4 Scale Action Figure - Dark World Thor - MARVEL - NECA - 61236


SKU: 61236

From The Dark World, the highly anticipated sequel to Thor, comes this 18" tall version of the Viking God!

Featuring an incredibly lifelike portrait of actor Chris Hemsworth, Thor wears his latest Dark World costume and comes complete with his mighty hammer Mjolnir. Featuring nearly 30 points of articulation and a soft fabric cape.

Add Thor to your growing collection of 1/4 scale Marvel figures today! Window box packaging

 Following Thor’s retrieval of the prisoner Loki and the latter’s trial before the throne of Odin, Thor bands together with Sif, Fandral and Volstagg to staunch the invasion of Vanaheim by a band of marauders and gigantic monsters; this is the final engagement in a war which stabilizes the Nine Realms in the aftermath of the reconstruction of the Bifröst Bridge. 

Simultaneously the warriors stand on the eve of the Convergence, a rare event which will align the Nine Realms and create a random series of adjoining portals. Thor travels to Earth, locating Jane and discovering that she has been briefly transported to another dimension and infused with the mystic substance called Aether, previously utilized as a weapon of potentially limitless destruction by the Dark Elf Malekith. 

Recommended ages: 8 and up