Superman vs Aliens II God War Comic set #1-2-3-4 Lot Dark Horse Bagged & Boarded

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Superman vs. Aliens II: God War                    Comics Lot

Writer: Chuck Dixon

Artist: Jon Bogdanove

Inker: Kevin Nowlan

Colorist: Dave Stewart

Letterer: Pat Brosseau

Editors: Philip Amara, Eddie Berganza, Tom Palmer Jr, Philip Simon, Scott Allie, & Matt Dryer

All Covers by: Jon Bogdanove, Kevin Nowlan, & Dave Stewart


In Issue # 1, Superman faces the eternal ferocity of Aliens again in this explosive four-part series! Darkseid is bad enough, with his forces of Parademons and loyal henchmen on Apokolips, but, when a ship carrying the Alien brood crashes into his domain, will he finally find the key to creating a relentless, indestructible army? On a visit to New Genesis, Superman is welcomed by the New Gods, including Orion and Highfather. A warning predicts that a horror will soon visit New Genesis. Will even the might of the Man of Steel, combined with scores of super-powered beings, be enough to stop Darkseid's new hordes?

Next in issue # 2, When a ship carrying an Alien brood crashes into Darkseid's domain, he breeds a new horror to unleash upon the homeworld of the New Gods. Superman, visiting super- powered friends on New Genesis, must once again face the threat of the near-unstoppable Aliens when a hideous Parademon army, impregnated with Aliens, launches a merciless surprise attack on the otherwise peaceful planet. Dozens of super-beings rally to protect a world now covered with infected Parademons about to burst. Darkseid's horde is bad enough, but how deadly will their Alien spawn be? A surprise ending raises the stakes in this war to a level unforeseen by Superman and his mighty allies!

Next in issue # 3, Like all true heroes, Superman tries to protect life, all life, even in the pitch of battle. But Superman has rarely seen a scourge like the Aliens. While a few of these creatures may not be a match for one with Superman's near limitless powers, a few hundred of them unleashed like rats in the otherworldly utopia of New Genesis DOES pose a considerable problem. What's worse, these aren't just any Aliens, but the scions of Darkseid's Parademons, used as willing hosts for their master's devious machinations. But even THIS is not the ultimate horror. Darkseid has his sights set on a certain brooding inhabitant of New Genesis...and has saved the most insidious role for him!

Finally in issue # 4, While Orion seethes, seeking vengeance on Darkseid for unleashing a Parademon/Alien horde on the New Gods, Superman attempts to focus on their mission, to find and incapacitate the alien queen at the heart of this horrific infestation. Brainpower, as much as physical battle, bested the ravenous creatures in Superman's first encounter, but will the combined skills of Superman and the "gods" of New Genesis be enough to overcome hundreds of Darkseid's Apokolips-Aliens hybrids? And what will be the final fate of Orion, victimized by an alien face-hugger? Can even a New God withstand the shrieking birth of a chestburster?

Comics lot contains: Superman vs. Aliens II: God War (2002) Issues #1-4. Dark Horse Comics / DC Comics

Comics are bagged and boarded and will be carefully / securely packaged then shipped via USPS Priority Mail to insure that it arrives to you perfectly and quickly. 

Publication Date: 2002

Format per comic: FC, 32 pages, Comic, 10.25" x 6.5"

Comics 1,2,3,4 are Brand New & Unread. Very Fine + condition.  Beautiful Set!!  Please See Scans!!   A must have for any serious Aliens or Superman collector / enthusiast.  A fun & entertaining read!  Very Highly Recommended!!