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Introducing www.Galaxy.Toys A Universe of Toys & Collectibles

Introducing www.Galaxy.Toys A Universe of Toys & Collectibles

A universe of Toys, Action Figures, Comics, & Collectibles. We love Predator, Aliens, Godzilla, Superman, Batman, Star Wars, Marvel, DC, NECA, Funko Pop, Spiderman and the entire family of Super Heroes.

Our goal at Galaxy.Toys is simple, offer quality toys and collectibles at fair prices.  We buy direct from most of the leading manufacturers.  We have been collecting and playing with Toys for many years, as toy enthusiasts and collectors we understand the challenge and fun of finding that special action figure missing from our collection or doll that brings memories of our childhood.

If you are looking for something special or hard to find, let us know, send us an email at toygeek@galaxy.toys or visit us on Twitter @GalaxyToysComic or Instagram @GalaxyToysandComics and send us a message.

You can also find us on Facebook @GalaxyToysandComics

We welcome your suggestions on improving our site, let's us know.

Enjoy & Have Fun!

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